Chiff & Fipple:  The Raffle


Donation totals as of July 31, 2000 (approximate).

$6,660   Children’s Friendship Fund

$5,755Rape Response

 for a total of


The raffle is ended! Prizes are being chosen, in order, by winners.


Listed in no particular order.   






I have selected two charities and have communicated with the leaders of both who have enthusiastically embraced this project.  Those of you who enter may select the charity to which you want to send your donations.  You may certainly donate to both if you would like.






The Children’s Friendship Project for Northern Ireland, Inc. (CFPNI) is a peace and friendship building program that fosters understanding and promotes interaction between the Catholic and Protestant teenagers of Northern Ireland, their families, and friends. In an effort to break the cycle of fear and mistrust, teenagers in Northern Ireland, who show the potential to be future leaders, are selected and paired in cross-cultural teams to spend six weeks together during the summer in an American home where they can become friends in a neutral environment and can focus on their commonalities, rather than their differences. CFPNI sponsors numerous gathering in Northern Ireland, both before and after the summer, to build and sustain the friendships of the pairs, as well as to broaden cross-cultural contacts with other teens in the program, other family members, and friends. 

CFPNI is an all volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Read about this organization at





The second charity is the RAPE RESPONSE program here in my home town of Birmingham, Alabama.


In existence since 1975, Rape Response offers hospital visits, telephone and face-to-face counseling, and court assistance to victims of sexual assault.  Volunteer counselors are contacted by area hospitals when a rape victim is seen in an emergency room.  The counselor, typically a volunteer on-call, meets the survivor at the emergency room and remains with her throughout the ordeal of post-rape evaluation, forensic examination, and treatment.  The counselor provides emotional support, practical information, a change of clothing (the victims’ clothing is  taken as evidence) and arrangements for transportation home.  If a survivor chooses to prosecute, the counselor explains the legal process and serves as an advocate throughout the court process. Support groups, led by a staff professional, help women survivors interact with others who have experienced similar trauma.  Rape Response assisted 1,531 survivors of sexual assault in 1999.   In the same year, 4201 phone calls were taken on the Rape Response Hotline.  Rape prevention programs were provided to youth, adults and professionals in the greater Birmingham area to educate both males and females about the dangers and prevention of sexual assault.


I have a personal connection with this agency, and with its parent organization, The Crisis Center.  I served on their board and served a term as President of their board.




Ok, here’s how to enter.  Follow this closely, because it is a bit complicated.


1.  You will receive one chance in the raffle for every $10 (US) donated. 


2.  To donate to the Rape Response program:


          a.  Make your check out to “Rape Response.”

          b.  Mail it to the following address:


                   Chiff & Fipple Raffle

                   c/o Mike Falligant

                   The Crisis Center

3600 8th Ave, Suite 501

                   Birmingham, AL 35222                                                                                                                                   


          c.  If you use some electronic method of sending funds, just be certain it gets to Mike Falligant at the above address.  Their phone number, by the way, is (205) 323-7782  



3.  To donate to the Children’s Friendship Project for Northern Ireland, you may choose a USA address or an Ireland address.


          a.  Make your check out to “The Children’s Friendship Project for Northern Ireland”

          b.  Mail your check to either:


Chiff & Fipple Raffle

c/o Ian Young
J.Young & Son
90 Duke Street
Co. Derry,
Northern Ireland

Chiff & Fipple Raffle

c/o Glenn Martinsen
7 Olde Manchester Rd
Derry, NH 03038



3.  Please note that the check is made out TO THE CHARITY.  I think it would be a good idea to note on your check “For Chiff & Fipple Raffle” or enclose a note to that effect.  This will help insure you get properly entered in the raffle.


4.  WHEN YOUR DONATION HAS BEEN MAILED, EMAIL ME AT AND TELL ME ABOUT YOUR DONATION.  Send me an email notifying me of your donation and the amount you donated.  This is just a means of cross-checking to make sure you are registered. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME UNTIL YOU HAVE ACTUALLY SENT THE DONATION.


5.  Rape Response can accept credit cards.  Contact Mike Falligant at (205) 323-7782.  Mike has generously offered even to accept your credit card donation for the Children's Friendship Project and will forward me a check which I will then forward to CFPNI.


Just so you know, I will take NO ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS OUT OF WHAT YOU DONATE.  The only real cost to me involving this will be the shipping of prizes.  I will personally underwrite shipping costs for winners who do not offer to pay their own.